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Redwood Day’s Reopening Plan

At this time, we are planning to be able to welcome students back to school, in-person, when state and county guidelines indicate school campuses in Alameda County can re-open. When Redwood Day’s campus reopens for in-person instruction, families will also be able to have their child participate in distance learning from home if their child is unable or they choose to not have their child return to campus. As the pandemic continues to be a dynamic, unpredictable situation, there may be circumstances that necessitate the continued closure of Redwood Day’s campus for a time period. Such circumstances may include, and are not limited to, a mandate from the State, a more restrictive Shelter-In-Place Order, a continued rise/spike of COVID-19 cases in Alameda County, confirmed cases within our community, etc. If conditions prior to August 17 necessitate a continued campus closure or a partial reopening of the campus to specific grade levels, we will respond accordingly and pivot back to our Distance Learning Program if necessary; if this occurs, we will communicate with you as soon as possible and provide you with any updated information for the start of the school year.

In planning for the reopening of our campus, we have taken steps to ensure that all students in Grades K-8 will be welcome to attend school every day, Monday through Friday, for in-person instruction. Students will be placed into stable groups of up to 15 students, depending on the square footage of the assigned classroom location. Physical distancing will be implemented in each stable group with students’ desks/tables placed at least six (6) feet apart and students, faculty, and staff will be required to wear a mask at all times. For on-site learning, there will be a mix of in-person and live-streamed virtual instruction for each grade level. Each Lower School stable group of students will be supervised by a Core Teacher or a Teaching Assistant. Each Middle School stable group of students will be supervised by their Advisor, a rotation of up to six Core/Specialist teachers, and/or a Teaching Assistant. Stable groups of students will not physically interact with other groups and will maintain proper physical distancing throughout the day. During recess, break, and lunchtimes, grade levels may eat or play in a designated area; however, students will remain in their stable groups with no physical interaction with other groups.

Our new, temporary schedule has been created to minimize interactions with other adults (e.g. Specialist Teachers, Administrators, Staff). Even with this goal, there will be some contact with Specialist Teachers and/or other Redwood Day administrators/staff in addition to contact with the Core Teacher or Teaching Assistant supervising the small group of students. All adults will wear masks and implement proper physical distancing protocols in all settings.

For families who are not comfortable sending their child back to school for in-person instruction or who are unable to send their child to school due to illness or quarantine, Redwood Day will offer live-streamed and/or recorded classes for students to participate in from home. For families who are not comfortable sending their child back to school, they will be given the opportunity to indicate this choice prior to the beginning of each quarter (in late July, late September, late December, and late February). When a family chooses to keep their child home, they will make this choice knowing that the decision lasts for the entire quarter, approximately two months (Quarter 1: August 17-October 16, Quarter 2: October 19-December 17, Quarter 3: January 5-March 12, and Quarter 4: March 15-June 3 or 10). Different from the Distance Learning schedule that existed from March-June 2020, students who connect to the learning experience from home will connect in real-time, observing, and participating in live instruction as they follow the in-person class schedule throughout the day. The School may also opt to record classroom instruction for students who need to access lessons at a later time due to illness, for example. All families will be required to sign a release to allow their child to participate in live, in-person instruction while classes are recorded and/or live-streamed into other Redwood Day student’s homes.

If Alameda County or the State of California imposes a more restrictive Shelter in Place Order (SIP), or conditions otherwise warrant, Redwood Day will provide all students a Distance Learning Program, similar to the program that we offered from March-June 2020, reflective of improvements based on student, parent/guardian and faculty feedback. In this case, Redwood Day’s ability to transition back into in-person instruction will depend on the improvement of conditions that led to the campus closure, the easing of restrictions, and/or the expiration of the SIP Order. Our team is actively working to incorporate feedback from teachers, students, and families into the next version of our Distance Learning Program.

If at any point, guidance from local, state, and/or federal agencies indicates that schools can return to normal operations, at the soonest possible time, Redwood Day will transition back to our instructional model and schedule that was in place prior to the pandemic.

As this dynamic situation continues to unfold, we will regularly elicit feedback from students, parents/guardians, faculty, and staff to refine and improve our models.