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Annual Fund

Annual Fund FAQs

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Why is the Annual Fund important?

    As an independent school, Redwood Day does not receive financial support from federal, state or local governments. Tuition and fees represent approximately 90% of the school’s operating budget. The Annual Fund provides the flexible, unrestricted financial support necessary to meet the current year’s operational priorities.
  • Q: What is the difference between a gift and a pledge?

    A gift is an outright financial contribution via cash, check or credit card. A pledge is a commitment of a specific amount to be paid at a later date. Pledges allow donors to plan their giving over time. For many families, practical considerations such as bonus schedules, tax planning, and other financial commitments determine the timing of giving. If that is the case for you, we hope you will consider making a commitment through a pledge today, to be fulfilled by June 30.
  • Q: Why is the school asking for pledges and gifts to be received by December 31?

    The School’s budget (and tuition) for the upcoming year is set in January. Receiving Annual Fund pledges and gifts by December 31 allows us to predict next year’s total financial support with confidence and set the budget accordingly.
  • Q: Why doesn't Redwood Day just increase tuition?

    Raising tuition would likely result in the loss of many valuable students whose families cannot afford the increase. A drop in enrollment would lead to cuts in educational programs, staff, and a less economically diverse community.
  • Q: Why is 100% participation from the community so crucial?

    100% participation is a vote of confidence - a sign that our internal community is committed to our students, faculty, and to the mission. High Annual Fund participation is a benchmark used by foundations and outside funders when deciding whether or not to provide us with additional funding.
  • Q: Are contributions tax-deductible?

    Redwood Day is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation. For tax purposes, our tax identification number is 94-2289521. Your gifts may be deductible for income tax purposes. Please consult a qualified tax professional for more information.
The Annual Fund Giving Circles recognize our community’s generosity. Invitations to donor appreciation events begin at the $2,000 level.

List of 7 items.

  • Investor Circle

    $20,000 and above
  • Visionary Circle

    $10,000 and above
  • Innovator Circle

    $5,000- $9,999
  • Leadership Circle

    $2,000- $4,999
  • Collaborator Circle

    $1,000- $1,999
  • Enthusiast Circle

    $500- $999
  • Community Circle

    $499 and below
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