After-School Programs

X-Care (for grades K-5) and X-Plus (for Middle School) are designed to provide a safe and engaging place for students to interact after school. We strive to provide a balance between enriching activities and free play. We regularly serve up to 140 students in our combined programs, with a student to staff ratio of approximately 12:1. Our supportive staff consists of a diverse group of energetic educators, dedicated to providing students with a fun, safe, experience. The average tenure of our activity leaders is four years and counting—one of the highest staff retention rates in the East Bay. We get to know each child and build a meaningful relationship with the entire family. Read below to learn more about X-Care or X-Plus.


X-Care is our after-school program for Lower School students (grades K-5) held daily from dismissal until 6:00 p.m. Our staff understands the importance of play in children's lives. They provide a warm, supportive atmosphere where community is cultivated. We facilitate activities such as arts and crafts, cooking, cooperative games, and physical recreation so children can stretch their intellectual, creative, and athletic abilities. Interaction between staff and students happens is on both a group level and one-on-one. We set examples for students on how to have fun, how to cooperate, and how to share responsibility as team players. We also recognize the importance of children solving their own problems and conflicts. We hold children responsible for their actions and behavior, thus teaching them to be caring and thoughtful people and we offer care, guidance, and direction in this process.
Study Hall is offered Monday through Thursday. Teaching Assistants and X-Care staff are available to assist students with homework, as needed.


X-Plus is our after-school program for Middle School students held daily from dismissal until 6:00 p.m. The Middle School Multi-Purpose room serves as the dedicated space for grades 6-8 to call their own. We offer activity clubs, art projects, organized games, study hall and snacks as well as plenty of opportunities for socializing. Study Hall is offered Monday through Thursday.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of office hours and study hall to complete their homework.


Momo Maumalanga
Director of After School & Summer Programs
510.534.0804 x227