Our curriculum at Redwood Day is benchmarked against the highest standards of academic excellence. We challenge students in ways that uniquely suit them and provide the support they need to succeed and excel. Intentionally weaving and integrating social and emotional development with our academics underlies the curriculum of Redwood Day. Our multifaceted, cutting edge program provides every student with a comprehensive foundation of academic skills, a consistent engagement with diverse content, and a clear sense of how best to advocate for herself as a learner. From kindergarten all the way through to 8th grade, students study the core academic areas of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Integrated into our core curriculum is a prominent thread of specialist classes and activities, including world language, visual and performing arts, health and wellness, physical education, gardening, technology, and experiential learning. Principles of innovation and design are built into every grade level, from core to co-curricular programs. Students also have the opportunity to grow and nourish the seeds of their imagination and creativity in our state-of-the-art Innovation and Design, art, and music studios. The K-8 curriculum provides a cohesive scope and sequence that scaffolds academic learning and character development to ensure that students are nurtured, challenged and stretched in ways that uniquely fit them. At Redwood Day, our students 21st century learners, own their educational journeys, and are empowered to take healthy risks in a safe environment that supports and honors each individual as an integral member of a diverse and engaged community of learners.