Inspiring Learning, Growth, and Challenge in a Trusting, Belonging Environment

A feature of Redwood Day's mission is to inspire students to reach for their next challenge, which encompasses learning that promotes growth and recognizes that to learn well, each student needs challenge and success. To achieve this, Redwood Day provides instruction in what it describes as the Optimal Learning Zone

The Optimal Learning Zone is where students are stretched just beyond what they can do independently with support and guidance to reach new levels of understanding and skill. Teaching and learning in the Optimal Learning Zone is underscored by a positive, trusting environment where students embrace challenges and where mistakes and errors are viewed as learning opportunities.

Meaningful, rich learning experiences that capture Redwood Day values, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB), and social-emotional learning are at the heart of the K-8 curriculum. Informed by nationally recognized academic standards, the Redwood Day curriculum provides a spiraling scope and sequence that prepares students for their next level of learning, including high school and beyond. 

Programs at Redwood Day

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  • After-School Program

    Community building, learning, and fun extend well beyond the school day through our dynamic after-school program. We provide many experiences for students in grades K-8 to remain engaged in meaningful activities after dismissal.

  • Athletics

    The Redwood Day Athletics Program seeks to enrich the social, emotional, and physical well-being of student-athletes. Students of varying abilities participate and enjoy their involvement, while coaches emphasize values of commitment, integrity, self-discipline, sportsmanship, and teamwork.

  • DBiLab

    In 2016, a Lab was built to host the Design, Innovation, and Technology program. The goal of this lab was to apply design thinking principles to technology and academic subjects. Over the course of six years and a global pandemic, students used design thinking modes and various technologies and technological languages to see and solve problems.

  • Learning Services

    The Redwood Day Learning Services program recognizes students' diverse learning profiles. The K-5 and 6-8 Learning Specialists partner with students, teachers, and families to support learners’ growth and development.

  • Library

    The Redwood Day Library is a vibrant community space and information hub where students are invited to explore ideas and interests, gather and enjoy individual and communal activities, engage in inquiry and research that supports the curriculum, and experience the joy of reading.

  • Lower School

    Student-centered. Engaging. Dynamic. Community-oriented. The Lower School program at Redwood Day is where students learn, play, thrive, and grow in a warm and caring environment.

  • Middle School

    Where identity and belonging are nurtured, and student-teacher relationships are strong, the Redwood Day Middle School is where students are primed and empowered to learn and explore in core academics, the arts, athletics, and STEM. 

  • Student Life

    At Redwood Day, learning is not limited to the walls of a classroom. We encourage children to stretch and grow their emotional intelligence alongside academic skills. Every day, our students engage in diverse, meaningful extracurricular activities and interactions that nourish their hearts and minds and challenge them to be self-reflective community members.

  • Technology

    Redwood Day views the use of technology as integral to teaching and learning and sharing what we have learned. Our goal is to provide our students with a portable set of skills and to guide them to understand the essence of a variety of technology tools. Throughout our curriculum, they are exposed to different applications that can be used for the same purpose, such as different kinds of word processors and presentation tools. We provide many avenues for students to document and share their learning, including text, audio, video, and multimedia. We believe that publishing student work to an audience of their peers cements and consolidates learning.