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Strategic Plan


Our new Strategic Plan, Creating Opportunity, was born from an aspirational idea - to expand access to a Redwood Day education. Over the past year of obtaining constituency input, it became evident to us that we must seek ways to expand access for current students, families, faculty, and staff to even more forward-thinking and robust programs while concurrently crafting a vision for how we can become more integrated into the fabric of Oakland by expanding access to more children and families in our City. 

Grounded in our guiding principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, Creating Opportunity lays a foundation for inspiring work that will positively impact our School for generations to come. Starting from within, our plan reflects the School’s commitment to keeping our curriculum and program at the cutting edge while expanding opportunities for all students to grow and stretch in their optimal learning zones and participate in more robust enrichment, extracurricular, experiential, and summer learning opportunities. Centering health and wellness, our plan carefully stewards our resources to take exceptional care of our students, faculty, and staff as we all navigate emerging from years of impact from the pandemic. Creating Opportunity also details how we envision becoming more reflective of Oakland by making systemic changes to sustain a more diverse School community. Deeping our connections within Oakland, our plan further reflects our commitment to building public-private partnerships and truly embracing Oakland as an extension of our campus to strengthen student community engagement and develop young citizens focused on service, social justice, socially-conscious entrepreneurship, and environmental stewardship. 
With a strong focus on financial sustainability and careful fiscal planning, Creating Opportunity also sets the groundwork for our Futures Committee of the Board of Trustees to ideate various potential future initiatives that will further capitalize on the “seed” that started our plan - expanding access. For example, what demand, resources, and planning are required to implement a transitional Kindergarten program? To expand our Middle School to four sections? To build a new facility on our campus? To expand our offering to K-12? These questions, and more, are at the heart of our next phase of planning as we work together to crystalize an inspiring new vision for Redwood Day. 
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