Mission Statement

Redwood Day inspires students to reach for their next challenge, embrace differences
and develop the intellectual and emotional courage to be ready for anything.


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    Black Joy Parade

    We invite you to march with us and represent Redwood Day at the Black Joy Parade! Black Joy Parade is a hyper-positive, family-friendly turn up that celebrates the Black experience and our community's contribution to cultures past, present and future. We will meet at the corner of Harrison and 14th St. at 11:30 a.m. The parade route starts at 12:30 p.m. and finishes at the corner of Broadway and 20th.
    Harrison and 14th St.
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  • Feb

    Community Voices Admissions Panel

    This is an evening event for prospective Redwood Day parents and guardians who are considering Redwood Day for 2019-20. The event will feature two panels of speakers: one panel of current students and alumni and a second panel of Redwood Day parents. Please RSVP to admissions@rdschool.org
    Library and Gallery (no other events on campus)
  • Mar

    PGA Friday Coffee

    Join other parents in the gallery for a cup of coffee. This Friday's coffee is being hosted by the 2nd grade.
    The Gallery
  • Mar
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  • Announcing Our New Redwood Day Summer Program!

    Register today for our new Summer Program! There are 13 summer sessions available to choose from, all led by Redwood Day faculty. At Redwood Day, providing children the opportunity to discover and hone their interests is paramount to preparing them for their next reach as engaged and empowered learners. This year, we’re launching an initial version of a summer program, with aspirations for it to grow each summer thereafter.
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  • Celebrating Black History Month - "Lift Every Voice"

    Watch this amazing performance by our very own Marshall Amey done to Lift Every Voice by Resound. This performance was part of our "13th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Oratorical Festival."
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  • Maia Moredock-Ting Visits Middle School

    Maia, better known as musical artist mxmtoon, came to talk with students about how social media is both a great platform and a polished illusion.
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  • The Redwood Day Garden Café

    Chelsea "SeaSea" Hill, X-Care Activity Leader
    The Redwood Day Garden Café has been a thriving business since its opening date two weeks ago. Lower school has been managing shifts throughout recess hours and in our XCare after-school programming, staffing the kitchen, management, cleaning, and host positions.
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  • 6th Graders Building Earthquake-Resistant Structures

    The 6th Grade Science class investigated how to build structures that could withstand an earthquake.
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