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The library staff is here to assist you with projects, term papers and curiosities. You will find links to library catalogs, databases, how to write source citations and information on plagiarism. Don’t be afraid to ask us any questions you have; that’s why we’re here! 

Contact Mark Roquet if you need the username or password for a database.

Online Databases

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  • Culture Grams

    Culture Grams - Search categories such as land and climate, history, family, diet, holidays, economy, education, health, and events and more for over 200 countries. Includes photos, video and interviews. Click HERE
  • Encyclopedia Britannica School Edition

  • Gale in Context: Elementary

    Gale in Context: Elementary - Search broad subject categories such as animals, arts & entertainment, geography, health, history & social studies, inventions & technology, plants, people, science & math, sports, stories & literature, and transportation. Click HERE.
  • Gale in Context: Middle School

    Gale in Context: Middle School is a comprehensive online collection of full-text periodicals, reference works, and primary-source documents covering humanities, math, and science topics, for 4th-8th grade students. Click HERE.

Our Approach

The Redwood Day library program supports the school curriculum and encourages children’s curiosity and enjoyment with respect to their informational needs, research assignments, and recreational reading, K-8. We teach regularly scheduled classes in lower school, and arrange class times as needed by each teacher in middle school. Children also enjoy free reading and games in the library before and after school and at recess or break times. And families are welcome to visit any time.
Our library collection includes materials that encompass the wide range of beliefs and ideologies of the diverse groups that are represented in our school population and the larger community. The collection also includes information on the many different peoples that constitute our shrinking planet so that students may begin to familiarize themselves with lifestyles and attitudes that differ from their own. The librarian consults with teachers, staff, and families to select books, magazines, and electronic resources, keeping these goals in mind.

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Avoid plagiarism by properly citing your sources. Redwood Day asks students to use the MLA format. For a book with one author, MLA format looks like this (pay close attention to punctuation!): Author. Title: Subtitle. City or Town: Publisher, Year of Publication. If you are citing books with more than one author or other resources, such as websites, magazines or newspapers, click here and use the menu on the left side to find the appropriate MLA format that you need.