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The library staff is here to assist you with projects, term papers, and curiosities. You will find links to library catalogs, databases, how to write source citations, and information on plagiarism. Don’t be afraid to ask us any questions you have; that’s why we’re here! 

Contact our Library staff if you need the username or password for a database.

Our Mission

The Redwood Day library believes in encouraging students’ curiosity and enjoyment. 

We believe in broadening and enriching our students' imagination. 

We believe in supporting students’ scholarly achievements through collection development, Library classes, and activities. 

We believe in supporting students to become independent, curious thinkers. 

We believe in guiding our students toward being responsible digital citizens. 

We believe that children and the community should have a safe place in the Library to learn and grow. 

Collection Policy

The Redwood Day Library includes materials that excite and enthrall the school community. 

The Redwood Day Library includes materials that help expand the minds of students. That includes books that highlight diverse cultures and experiences. 

The Redwood Day Library evaluates materials based on the following criteria: 

  • Does it provide accurate and fair information?
  • Is it in good condition?
  • Does it complement Redwood Day's school curriculum?
  • Does it excite the student?

The Redwood Day Library does two book orders annually - one in October and one in April. The Redwood Day Library also accepts donations through an Amazon Wish List or the Book Fair.

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Avoid plagiarism by properly citing your sources. Redwood Day asks students to use the MLA format. For a book with one author, MLA format looks like this (pay close attention to punctuation!): Author. Title: Subtitle. City or Town: Publisher, Year of Publication. If you are citing books with more than one author or other resources, such as websites, magazines or newspapers, click here and use the menu on the left side to find the appropriate MLA format that you need.