Classrooms and Buildings

Our learning spaces are made up of a Lower School Building, K-8 Building, Middle School Classrooms, and a full-size Gymnasium. Core classrooms are thoughtfully created with a developmentally-appropriate, academically-engaging, innovative, and community-minded design. Our newest classrooms connect to each other and provide teachers and students with flexibility in teaching and learning. These new classrooms are physical representations of our integrated approach to learning. 
Our K-8 Innovation and Design Studio is a fully-outfitted shop that includes hand, power, and technological tools for students to learn and apply in their problem-solving. Our 3 Science Labs provide space so that our students are scientists on Day 1 of Kindergarten and grow in their scientific approach, questioning, and experimentation through their years with us. 
Arts are supported by amazing teaching in 2 Music Classrooms, a Rehearsal and Recording Studio, 2 Art Studios, and flexible multipurpose spaces for drama performances. Students are safe to learn, grow, and reach in our classrooms.

Outdoor Space

Our outdoor space plays an important role in our program, academically, socially, and physically. We have play yards in our Lower School and Middle School. We also border a large Oakland Public Park that we have access to during the school week. On any given day, students will utilize the outdoors for climbing, playing on swings (K-8!), running, wall ball, table tennis, basketball, soccer, digging and building in sand, climbing trees, and connecting with friends.


Our campus has two Gyms. One Gym is designed for K-3 students and the other is used by grades 4-8 as well as by our Middle School athletic teams for practices and game.


Besides regular K-5 garden classes, our Lower School and Middle School gardens are open at breaks and are utilized in service learning project.  Students learn where food comes from, how to care for chickens, how to cook garden-fresh food, and how to care for our environment.


Our Library is home to an incredible collection of books and is a much-loved space within our community. Students may visit the Library during breaks, lunch, and K-5 students visit the Library as part of their weekly class schedule. The Library is a place to research, read for pleasure, learn about new genres and authors, make connections between subjects, and stretch our understanding of people and the world.