Redwood Day is an independent, diverse K-8 school   |   510.534.0800
At Redwood Day, learning is not limited to the walls of a classroom. We encourage children to stretch and grow their emotional intelligence alongside academic skills. Every day, our students engage in diverse, meaningful extracurricular activities and interactions that nourish their hearts and minds and challenge them to be self-reflective community members.

Student Life

We teach students to work through their conflicts, to dust themselves off if they stumble, and to respect and value the differences in our community. In our warm supportive environment, they cultivate the courage to face any challenge. Joyful children are thriving children - in the classroom, on the playground, and in their communities. Throughout their tenure at Redwood Day, students actively engage in a variety of activities and experiences that nurture connections with peers and adults, and their own self-discovery. Equity and inclusion work is core to our school values, essential to the development of compassionate, healthy, happy children who will thrive as adults. Children who know who they are are better prepared to navigate their world. Redwood Day students participate in assemblies, buddies, experiential learning, after-school activities, athletics, and advisory in the middle school.

Our partnership with the Parent Guardian Association to create parent education opportunities throughout the year ensures that the whole community effectively supports every child's opportunity to grow into great.


For additional information, please contact Denise Breland, Director of Student Life & Dean of Students K-8 via email or phone at 510.534.0804, ext. 220.
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