Redwood Day is an independent, diverse K-8 school   |   510.534.0800
At Redwood Day, learning is not limited to the walls of a classroom. We encourage children to stretch and grow their emotional intelligence alongside academic skills. Every day, our students engage in diverse, meaningful extracurricular activities and interactions that nourish their hearts and minds and challenge them to be self-reflective community members.


Assemblies are designated times when we come together as a whole school community, K-8.  Our assemblies provide for opportunities for our students, faculty, and staff to experience various programs that may explore culture, dance, storytelling, and/or character education.  In addition to inviting outside programs to our school, students also have the opportunity to bravely step into the spotlight and share their talent during one of our student showcases.

Unless otherwise noted, all assemblies are on Day 5 of our 8-day cycle.


For additional information, please contact Denise Breland, Director of Student Life & Dean of Students K-8 via email or phone at 510.534.0804, ext. 220.

2023-24 Assembly Calendar