Learning Services may include the following:
  • Providing direct instruction in small groups in core classrooms, targeting specific academic skills
  • Collaboration with teachers around differentiation and assessment
  • Leading team meetings for individual students
  • Screening students for skills progress
  • Consulting with parents about learning concerns
  • Providing referrals for outside professionals as appropriate, including but not limited to: educational therapists, evaluators, speech therapists, mental health providers, social skills groups, and occupational therapists
  • Parent education about neurodiversity and learning differences
  • Facilitating Student Support Meetings with core teachers and specialists
  • Creating and tracking Learning Plans and accommodations for students with diagnosed learning differences
  • Acting as a liaison between the school and outside support professionals
  • Ensuring that information about students’ learning profiles is passed from teacher to teacher

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List of 2 items.

  • Jennifer Evans Bio

    Jen Evans is the K-5 Learning Specialist and K-8 Learning Plan Coordinator in her third year at Redwood Day School. She holds an Education Specialist (Mild/Moderate) teaching credential as well as an elementary Bilingual Education (Spanish) credential.

    Before joining the Redwood Day community, she held positions as a special education teacher in public schools in Oakland and Austin; as an assessment specialist in Oakland Unified School District, as an elementary teacher and administrator at international schools in Prague; and as a teacher trainer and special education consultant. Her professional interests include brain-based learning and trauma-informed education.
  • Alyson Kaneshiro Bio

    Alyson Kaneshiro is the 6-8 Middle School Learning specialist and 6th grade advisor in her first year at Redwood Day School. Prior to this appointment, she was an adjunct professor in the Master of Arts Special Education program at the University of San Francisco, a middle school learning specialist at the San Francisco Day School, and served in the Hawai‘i Department of Education for twelve years where she worked to develop equitable and inclusive systems of support for students with disabilities. She holds an EdD in education from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa and an MA from National University and is national board certified in Literacy: Reading Language Arts. Her scholarship focuses on practitioner research and application in real-world educational contexts. Ed Perspectives.