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Lower School Core Teachers

List of 17 members.

  • Photo of Jennifer Firestone

    Jennifer Firestone 

    Kindergarten Teacher (KA)
  • Photo of Emily Hedges

    Emily Hedges 

    Kindergarten Teacher (KB)
  • Photo of Martita Galindo

    Martita Galindo 

    1st Grade Teacher (1A)
  • Photo of Peggy Lam

    Peggy Lam 

    Teaching Assistant (1A)
  • Photo of Selma Quemada Valenzuela

    Selma Quemada Valenzuela 

    1st Grade Teacher (1B)
  • Photo of Antonio Quadra

    Antonio Quadra 

    Teaching Assistant (1B)
  • Photo of Vicky Green

    Vicky Green 

    2nd Grade Teacher (2A)/Teaching Assistant Co-Coordinator
  • Photo of Mark Raycraft

    Mark Raycraft 

    2nd Grade Teacher (2B)
  • Photo of Jessica Stern

    Jessica Stern 

    3rd Grade Teacher (3A)
  • Photo of Lucy Featherston

    Lucy Featherston 

    Teaching Assistant (3A)
  • Photo of Rhonda Smith

    Rhonda Smith 

    3rd Grade Teacher (3B)
  • Photo of Dominique Asuncion

    Dominique Asuncion 

    Teaching Assistant (3B)
  • Photo of Erika Lagrisola

    Erika Lagrisola 

    4th Grade Teacher (4A)/Teaching Assistant Co-Coordinator
  • Photo of Amelia Rowland

    Amelia Rowland 

    4th Grade Teacher (4B)
  • Photo of Nick Wuebben

    Nick Wuebben 

    Teaching Assistant (4A and 4B)
  • Photo of Kristy Hui

    Kristy Hui 

    5th Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Kenneth Lim

    Kenneth Lim 

    5th Grade Teacher (5A)

Middle School Core Teachers

List of 11 members.

  • Photo of Simon Alejandrino

    Simon Alejandrino 

    Middle School 7/8 Science Teacher, 7th Grade Dean, Advisor
  • Photo of Brisa Camacho-Lovell

    Brisa Camacho-Lovell 

    Middle School 6/7 Spanish Teacher, Advisor
  • Photo of Sara Hall

    Sara Hall 

    Middle School 7/8 English Teacher, Advisor
  • Photo of Sean Kanady

    Sean Kanady 

    Middle School 7/8 Mathematics Teacher, 6th Grade Dean, Advisor
  • Photo of Luke Keegan

    Luke Keegan 

    Middle School 7/8 Spanish Teacher, Advisor
  • Photo of Adele Madelo

    Adele Madelo 

    Middle School 7/8 History Teacher, Advisor
  • Photo of Sarah Masanek

    Sarah Masanek 

    6th/7th Grade English Teacher
  • Photo of Jorie McDonald

    Jorie McDonald 

    7th-grade English & ELA Support Specialist
  • Photo of Shefali Nanavati

    Shefali Nanavati 

    Middle School 6/7 Math Teacher, Advisor
  • Photo of Alex Pollard

    Alex Pollard 

    Middle School 6/7 Science Teacher, 6th Grade Dean, Advisor
  • Photo of Kayla Stoler

    Kayla Stoler 

    Middle School 6/7 History Teacher, Advisor


List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Sung Jin Cho

    Sung Jin Cho 

    Facilities Manager
  • Photo of Arturo Navarro

    Arturo Navarro 

    Maintenance Supervisor

Specialist Teachers

List of 18 members.

  • Photo of Mark Bernfield

    Mark Bernfield 

    Middle School 6-8 Music Teacher, Advisor
  • Photo of Melody Chang

    Melody Chang 

    K-5 Mandarin Teacher
  • Photo of Beth Entrekin

    Beth Entrekin 

    MS Design and Innovation Teacher
  • Photo of Vincent Faso

    Vincent Faso 

    Middle School Speech and Drama Teacher, 8th Grade Dean, Advisor
  • Photo of Rachel Harris

    Rachel Harris 

    Lower School Science Teacher
  • Photo of Barbara Jerabek

    Barbara Jerabek 

    Nature Program Coordinator/Yearbook Co-Chair
  • Photo of Monty Joyce

    Monty Joyce 

    LS Physical Education Teacher
  • Photo of Alyson Kaneshiro

    Alyson Kaneshiro 

    Middle School Learning Specialist, Advisor
  • Photo of Amy Leach

    Amy Leach 

    Reading Specialist
  • Photo of Pica Lockwood

    Pica Lockwood 

    Lower School Spanish Teacher
  • Photo of Cameron Moredock

    Cameron Moredock 

    Director of EPI Center for Innovation/Design
  • Photo of Cedar Nelson

    Cedar Nelson 

    Lower School Art Teacher
  • Photo of Nicholas Obando

    Nicholas "Nick Obando" Obando 

    Lower School Music Teacher
  • Photo of Todd Petersen

    Todd Petersen 

    Middle School Physical Education Teacher/Athletic Director
  • Photo of Sarah Porzig

    Sarah Porzig 

    Lower School Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Lucy Ridgway

    Lucy Ridgway 

    School Counselor/Health Educator
  • Photo of Molly Roquet

    Molly Roquet 

    Head Librarian
  • Photo of Katherine Stark

    Katherine Stark 

    Middle School Art Teacher, Advisor

Administrative Staff

List of 18 members.

  • Photo of John Loeser

    John Loeser 

    Head of School
  • Photo of Deann Hays

    Deann Hays 

    Chief Finance & Operations Officer
  • Photo of Johanna Aeschliman

    Johanna Aeschliman 

    Lower School Director
  • Photo of James Rendle

    James Rendle 

    Director of High School Placement/Middle School Dean of Students
  • Photo of Daphne Banash

    Daphne Banash 

    Data Manager
  • Photo of Darlene Bell-Carson

    Darlene Bell-Carson 

    Director of Tuition Assitance & Associate Director of Admissions
  • Photo of Barbara Bowman

    Barbara Bowman 

    Library Assistant
  • Photo of Denise Breland

    Denise Breland 

    Director of Student Life/Dean of Students
  • Photo of Rachel Cannon

    Rachel Cannon 

    Director of Advancement
  • Photo of Derek Clark

    Derek Clark 

    Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Photo of Angela Hsu

    Angela Hsu 

    Executive Assistant/Hiring Coordinator
  • Photo of Myra Keast

    Myra Keast 

    Assistant to the Middle School Director
  • Photo of Karina Momary

    Karina Momary 

    Middle School Director
  • Photo of Jill Nesbitt

    Jill Nesbitt 

    Front Office Coordinator/Registrar
  • Photo of Amanda Picetti

    Amanda Picetti 

  • Photo of Donnie Smith

    Donnie Smith 

    Director of Admissions
  • Photo of Meredith Spencer

    Meredith Spencer 

    Director of Equity & Inclusion
  • Photo of Katherine Steele

    Katherine "Katie" Steele 

    Events and Advancement Coordinator


List of 3 members.

  • Photo of Tiffany Proehl

    Tiffany Proehl 

    Technology Integration Specialist
  • Photo of Costa Sakellariou

    Costa Sakellariou 

    Systems Administrator
  • Photo of Haroon Tahir

    Haroon Tahir 

    Manager of Information Systems

After-School Staff

List of 10 members.

  • Photo of Scott Maumalanga

    Scott Maumalanga 

    Director of After School and Summer Programs
  • Photo of Maalena Crawford

    Maalena Crawford 

    X-Care Activity Leader
  • Photo of Sofia de Aenlle

    Sofia de Aenlle 

    X-Care Activity Leader
  • Photo of Daisy Estrada

    Daisy Estrada 

    X-Care Activity Leader
  • Photo of August Feinstein-Hillsman

    August Feinstein-Hillsman 

    X-Care Activity Leader
  • Photo of Kassandra Navarro

    Kassandra Navarro 

    X-Care Activity Leader
  • Photo of Dianna Ochoa-Heredia

    Dianna Ochoa-Heredia 

    X-Care Activity Leader
  • Photo of Deanna Ruiz

    Deanna Ruiz 

    X-Care Activity Leader
  • Photo of Honestie Smith

    Honestie Smith 

    X-Care Activity Leader
  • Photo of Yannira Toscano

    Yannira Toscano 

    X-Care Activity Leader
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