In response to the great need that our neighboring community and schools have, and our community’s desire to give back, the Redwood Day Parent Guardian Association (PGA) is organizing a fundraising drive for back-to-school supplies for Fruitvale Elementary and Manzanita SEED. Our goal is to provide 100 backpacks filled with supplies to students in need at Fruitvale, as well as provide office supplies essential for the administration to function. Due to the outpouring of support from our community so far, we are likely able to offer essential classroom supplies to Manzanita SEED as well. 

For just $30, you can provide a backpack for a student in need filled with essential school supplies like pencils, an eraser, markers, a pencil bag and notebook. If you’re able to give more, you can sponsor multiple backpacks and help us provide Fruitvale’s administration with essential office supplies like copy paper, toner, and batteries, and provide Manzanita SEED’s teachers with essential classroom supplies like pencils, markers, Play-Doh, and erasers. 

The PGA will procure, sort, pack and distribute the supplies to Fruitvale Elementary and Manzanita SEED before they head back to school in early August. Due to their early start date, we are running the supply drive now through July 19.

Participation in this fundraising effort is completely optional. The back-to-school supply drive is not related to Redwood Day's Annual Fund; 100% of the donations received will be used to purchase supplies for Fruitvale Elementary and Manzanita SEED. 

Thank you so much for your support!

The supply drive has ended. Thank you so much for your participation!