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Associate Teacher Program

Associate Teacher Program

At Redwood Day, we believe in helping prepare and supporting future teachers to give back to the community and attract motivated individuals committed to engaging, inspiring, and encouraging our elementary school-age learners.

The Redwood Day Associate Teacher program aims to create a collaborative teaching relationship where both the Mentor and Associate teachers encourage each other to reflect upon their teaching to create a learning environment that inspires all members, fosters learning, and promotes the development of best teaching practices that result in deeper learning experiences for our students.

We provide a supportive, guided program and environment that works with Associate Teachers navigating the teacher preparation process and acquiring hands-on experience. Our program is also tailored to those with some teaching experience looking for mentor support to further explore and hone their skills.

Highlights of our Associate Teacher Program

  • The program offers three stages of development for Associate Teachers to provide an individualized experience
  • Clear expectations for each stage of the program
  • A collaborative mentor/mentee approach
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Monthly workshops that feature an array of topics on teaching, learning, and the nuts and bolts of being a teacher
  • Informal and formal observations and feedback
  • Classroom observations
  • Solo teaching opportunities
Associate teachers are required to hold a BA/BS degree.
We are so grateful for our partnership with Redwood Day. Their teaching assistant program gives BATTI teachers an opportunity to hone their skills under the guidance of seasoned mentors. The mentors go above and beyond to provide feedback and support so our emerging teachers have the tools they need to thrive. And their program coordinators organize useful frequent meetings that allow teaching assistants to check in with each other, and also to learn from experienced teachers on topics such as organizing a fruitful parent-teacher conference. Thank you, Redwood Day for giving BATTI teachers such a strong foundation for their practice! - Bob and Raleigh
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