K-4 STEAM Fair

Last evening, students in Kindergarten through 4th grade enthusiastically shared their STEAM projects with their families and the Redwood Day community, highlighting engineering design or scientific processes and the connections they made across disciplines.

Kindergarteners shared the structures they engineered grounded in learning about the physical properties of wood, fabric, and paper. First graders demonstrated instruments they built in music class to show how sound works. Second-grade students showed off the sculptures they created in art class and observed the changes materials undergo when heated. Third-graders exhibited their knowledge of simple machines and forces, and motion in their automata and mechanical sculptures, and fourth-grade students showcased their coding and engineering skills in their creation of a Mars-traversing robot.

Incorporated into STEAM projects were technology (student-created websites and videos), writing reflections, stories, and informational text, reading about the people who have impacted areas they learned about, and further connections across disciplines to make for robust and rich learning experiences.