5th-8th Grade Parent Education Event: Sexual Literacy: How to Have Conversations with Your Child About Sexuality, Healthy Relationships, and Decision-Making

Redwood Day Gym
As part of an effort to support parents in having conversations with their children about sexuality, healthy relationships, and decision-making, we are excited to invite you to a special presentation by sexual literacy educator Natasha Singh. In this presentation, Natasha will be sharing frameworks and strategies that can help parents open up the lines of communication about sexuality and sexual ethics and keep them open. Topics addressed will include having age and developmentally-appropriate conversations with your child about consent, relationships, sexuality, and decision-making. Natasha will also be talking about the curriculum she will be teaching to students in grades 5 through 8, starting on October 13. Natasha's lessons will be conducted during the MS health class and align with the curriculum for the year. Following Natasha's presentation during health class, Redwood Day Counselor, Tim Kim will continue the conversation with students in the subsequent class.