Supporting the Transgender and Non-Binary Community

In recent months, there has been a historic wave of anti-trans legislation in states across the country, with the most recent surges coming from legislators in Florida and Texas. We’re writing to condemn the fatal violence against Amariey Lej, Duval Princess, Cypress RamosNaomie Skinner, and others in the LGBTQIA+ community and the ongoing discrimination against transgender and non-binary children, individuals, and their families. We also write to share some resources that might be helpful for you as you process, individually, and/or navigate conversations with your children. 
What’s Happening
Actions You Can Take
How to Be An Ally - For Adults
Additional Resources
Explaining the News to Our Kids - Common Sense Media
At Redwood Day, we have a team of people who are here to support your children and your family. Please reach out to Meredith Spencer, Director of Equity and Inclusion, or any other trusted adult on campus for support. 
In Solidarity,
John, Meredith, and The Redwood Day Leadership Team