Bike to Wherever Day, Friday, May 21

Bike to Wherever Day is this Friday, May 21st. Redwood Day wants to help promote this Bike East Bay sponsored event by getting staff, students, and families to participate. The "Bike to Wherever Day" helps to promote a healthy, sustainable community, by making cycling safe, fun, and accessible. Many individuals and families throughout our community will be biking to work, to school, or to wherever on this day. If you would like to participate all you need to do is ride your bike to school with your family. You can also register at this link, Bike East Bay "Bike to Wherever Day", but you do not need to register to participate. We will have bike racks available to lock up your bike or place them inside the gym. We have helped to identify some routes that can be driven to and then biked from at various locales around campus for those that would be coming from distances too far to ride: 
From Redwood Heights Elementary:
From Grand Lake Hardware:
From Glenview Elementary: (more like a walking activity)
From Iglesia P. Shalom: (not far, but hilly)
We are looking forward to seeing all of you riding to and from Redwood Day. If you have any questions about this event you may contact Coach Monty at 510-534-0804 x342 or email