We’re starting the Yearbook process earlier this year. Please read this entire article. You will find that Part Two is something NEW AND EXCITING THIS YEAR!
Your tuition covers the cost of your student's yearbook. In addition, you have the option to enhance your yearbook with 2 free customized pages.
Here's how it works:
  • TreeRing is the company we use to publish our yearbooks
  • You can customize 2 FREE pages with your own photos that will appear only in your student’s copy of the Redwood Day Yearbook
  • These pages are optional - you do not have to participate
  • You are responsible for proofing your custom pages and completing them by the deadline; there is no longer a "print-ready" button - your custom pages will be included even if they are incomplete
  • All custom pages MUST be completed by Friday, May 7th
All students have already been entered into the TreeRing roster and are linked to Redwood Day and their teacher or advisor. If you search for your student and they don't pop up, please contact Jill. Do not create a second account.
Please note that the TreeRing site works best when using Chrome on your computer. It does not work well if you access it through your phone.
If you created custom pages last year, then you should already have an account so please click here:
Your user ID is your email that you signed up with originally. If you forgot your password, please use the "forgot password" link on the sign-in page.
If you do not already have an account with, please click here:
You should not be asked to purchase unless it's your first time ever activating your TreeRing account. In that case, you should click "Buy Later" to skip that purchase prompt after setting up a password. Click this link to see example. Once on the homepage, you'll see a "Purchased" indicator. 
Remember that a yearbook is purchased for each student and you should only click purchase if you want an extra book.  If you do purchase an extra book, please let us know so we can include the extra copy when books are distributed.

This year the Yearbook team wants to jump outside the traditional yearbook box! 
This will be the very first time that the community will be building the contents of the book together. The theme will be, Redwood Day's Recipes for Life! An interactive Yearbook!
We are asking that parents and guardians share pictures that capture your child's best distance learning/social distancing moments. We are getting the yearbook team together to work on what the exact content will be but think along these lines: 
  • favorite family recipes, generational recipes
  • healthy snack recipes, 
  • recipes for weekend fun, 
  • recipes for relaxation, 
  • recipes for great workspaces
  • recipes for interesting ZOOM locations - we will be asking for pics of workspaces, fun places, kids in the kitchen, "recess" pics.  We will send out requests for class pics or your child doing a class assignment or project. 
  • Anything that our students are doing for fun during the social distancing time
  • Online group collaboration moments 
  • Humorous/heartwarming moments with pets and studying... 
Instructions for uploading your shared pictures:
  1. Click HERE to log in to your TreeRing account. If you can’t find your account, please email Jill and she can do that for you. 
  2. Once you are logged in, click on the "hamburger button" located at the top left of your navigation bar to open the menu
  3. Under "Redwood Day" select "Shared Photos"
  4. Select "Shared Photo Folders"
  5. Select the appropriate folder of your child's grade
  6. Click on "Add Photos" where you will have the option to drag and drop or navigate to a folder for uploading
Our Yearbook Team will review all of the photos and select as many as we can to help create fantastic memories of this unprecedented year. 

TreeRing offers you the option to purchase a recognition ad for your 8th grader. These ads appear in everyone's yearbook. Here is the link to learn how to create and buy your recognition ad and a link to a video that tells you how to add color to your ad background. Recognition ads are due no later than Friday, April 30th. If you decide to purchase an ad, please email Jill once you have completed it so it can be added into the ad section.
Contact Jill Nesbitt if you have any questions.