2020 PGA Comings & Goings

by Joanne Cain. PGA President
The Redwood Day Parent Guardian Association had a fantastic year! As a community, we came together to fulfill the mission of the PGA which is to:
  • Build community and organize activities that enrich the Redwood Day experience for students, parents, faculty, and staff;
  • Promote volunteer opportunities, parent education programs, and school events that foster community and encourage participation;
  • Support the School’s mission, philosophy, and strategic plan;
  • Facilitate communication between the parents and guardians and the School; and
  • Sponsor fundraising initiatives to augment the School’s resources.
On behalf of the PGA, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who gave their time, energy, and talents throughout the year. Your dedication and support of our school is what makes this community so special. Thank you to everyone who volunteered and attended our community events like the Fall Festival and Generations Day, keeping those two annual traditions cherished by all.

Thank you to everyone who fostered a love of reading for our students and put on the annual Book Fair. Thank you to everyone who came together to bring treats to share for Friday Coffee, giving us all an opportunity to pause and take a moment to catch up with our parent and guardian peers. Thank you to all who helped us shower our faculty and staff in all the appreciation and love they so deserve. Thank you to our Auction Committee who put in countless hours planning an auction party and online auction that we had to sadly cancel due to factors outside of our control. Thank you to our Room Parents, who kept us all organized. Thank you to the field trip and sports team drivers, the Pizza Friday servers, the lice checkers, and all the ways our amazing community has come together to support our school.
I would also like to extend a heartfelt appreciation to this year’s PGA Officers and Committee Chairs for their support, partnership, and positivity. Thank you so much for your labor of love with the PGA. This year would not be possible without your support, and I am so honored to have shared this school year with you. My appreciation also goes out to our partners within the school, Katie Steele, Derek Clark, and John Loeser, who make a lot of our behind-the-scenes magic happen so effortlessly.
Finally, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to the incoming PGA Officers and Committee Chairs, especially to our new PGA President, Megan Larson. You are all rockstars in my book, and I look forward to collaborating with you in the coming year.
Joanne Cain
2019-20 PGA President