The Middle School Fall Play, ”Space Mission #5379: Saving Rachel, Nevada”

The Middle School Fall Play, Space Mission #5379: Saving Rachel, Nevada begins Thursday, November 14 @ 6:00 p.m. Don’t miss this amazing play written by Laura Winters and directed by our very own Mr. Faso.

Laura flew out from New York City to spend two days talking to Mr. Faso’s 7th and 8th-grade drama classes about her experience as a professional playwright in NY, finding success in a field still dominated by men, and the inspiration behind “Saving Rachel, Nevada.” On Wednesday she spent time with the cast and got to see the final dress rehearsal before flying back to NY for one of her next projects.

There are 3 opportunities to see the play:
  • Thursday, November 14 @ 6:00
  • Friday, November 15 @ 4:30
  • Saturday, November 16 @ 4:00