The Goats Are Here!

by Barbara Jerabek
The goats are here! Our two instantly adored Nigerian Goat Wethers (neutered males) finally made their long-awaited appearance to Redwood Day on Mother's Day! Their names are Dani (mostly peanut butter colored) and Olli (white markings). The students have been so very patient waiting their turn to enter the pen and sit on the bench to pet our sweet little three-month-old boys. They are still very, very young and need their downtime (naps!) all visits should be with Barbara J. in attendance.

None of this would have been possible without the beautifully done carpentry work of Alex of Beyond Green and a talented group of parent volunteers who worked over Spring Break to make it happen for us all. These little goats will be well loved and taken care of.

Thank you to Maria and Kiki Burlingham, Ozzie Schaffer and Jennifer Dykes, Dimitri De Zilwa and family, Sam and Olivia Green and Family, Theo Banister and Rhonda Smith, Teia and Maya Borneo and Family, Calder Keith and Family, The Mazar Family and Emily Hedges and Family. Without your generous offers of goat and chicken feeding and hugging and keeping the garden watered, we would not be able to get through the summer. Thank you so very much for your extraordinary support. Dani and Ollie are especially happy to have the company🐐💕.