The Redwood Day Garden Café

Chelsea "SeaSea" Hill, X-Care Activity Leader
The Redwood Day Garden Café has been a thriving business since its opening date two weeks ago. Lower school has been managing shifts throughout recess hours and in our XCare after-school programming, staffing the kitchen, management, cleaning, and host positions. Using only the freshest ingredients from Barbara's garden, students from Kindergarten up to 5th grade have shown teamwork, creativity, attention to detail, leadership, and service, as they create colorful and decorative dishes and serve the staff and fellow students. Some of their most popular dishes on the menu have been Floral Sushi with Wasabi, crackers and leafy "heart-ichoke" spinach dip, avocado toast, carrot cake with floral frosting, chai tea with edible pansy arrangements, and so much more. This cafe runs on elbow grease, sand, fresh flowers, and collaboration of innovative and imaginative young minds.