Kindergarten Fall Season Highlights

by Chelsea Hill, X-Care Activity Leader

A little poem about Kinders' Fall Season with X-Care!

I cannot believe 2019 is almost here!
In such a short time, our Kinders' maturity has appeared!
They have quickly learned to walk and whisper in all of the halls
And with a special "line order" we end up with less stalls
We have a wheel of choice to assist when things go wrong
And though some are here all day and night, it doesn't seem so long!
Each afternoon has outdoor time, gym, projects and snack,
And everyday some artwork they typically store above their backpack!
We're now wearing coats and mittens as the cold wind bites
And we use our "bugs and wishes" wands to help resolve our fights
Rain is falling, it gets very dark, some leave as late as six'o'clock
But the fact that they still beg to stay should come as no shock!
We are quite fun! From two to six, we play all sorts of games
Although we have routines, no day is ever the same
Some go to enrichment, and some leave quite early as four
But whether you child stays one hour or many, it never is a bore.
This fall we've talked about families and made a "Giving Tree"
This has built into a "Tree of Thanks," a topic that brings them glee.
They're often covered in markers or paint, depending on the week
Recently we made thumbprint families, to show how we are each unique
Some kinders made leafy friends, and other creepy crawly creatures As we shifted from our Insect theme to exploring the Halloween holiday features
We made silly skull masks, told spooky tales, and read outside by the trees
Smelling the fresh scent of Autumn rolling in along with the cold breeze
We created a "Big Feelings Space," to go if you need comforts, quiet, and time alone
It has marbles, blankets, stuffies, puzzles, and more! And you're welcome to bring in fresh flowers from your home.
Thank you for sharing this tender time with your child with us in XCare
Please know that our doors are open for you to join us, discuss, or share....
Big love,