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Welcome Social for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Heritage Families

Redwood Day Lower School Playground
Please join us for a special event for Families of Color, co-hosted by Redwood Day and the PGA Diversity in Action (DIA) Committee. We hope that all Families of Color will attend this affinity gathering for students and adults as we kick-off the new school year. Link to RSVP will be included in the Redwood Day Weekly. Affinity Groups provide affirmation, connection, and support to people whose identities may differ from the dominant population and culture. Redwood Day offers opportunities for families to share experiences in supportive spaces based on membership in a specific identity group. You know you are in the right affinity group if you can say, "My family is ________" and speak to that group's collective identity and experience from the "I" or "we" perspective. Redwood Day offers affinity groups for the Global Majority, historically oppressed and underrepresented families and those who support them.
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