Latinx Community Network Meeting

Please join us for a virtual affinity meeting for any and all parents/guardians who identify as Latinx/o/a/e/Hispanic American. This meeting is open for all, regardless of past participation. We look forward to hosting more family events and activities in the future, and this meeting will be a time to get to know one another, share about experiences at Redwood Day, and plan for future meetings and events. Zoom link can be found in the Redwood Day Weekly (RDW). Affinity groups provide support, connection, and affirmation to people whose identities may differ from the majority population and culture. Redwood Day offers opportunities for parents and guardians to share experiences in supportive spaces based on membership in a specific identity group. You know you are in the right affinity group if you can say, “I am __________” and speak to that group’s collective identity and experience from the “I” and “we” perspective. Redwood Day offers affinity spaces for these families: •Asian/Pacific Islander/Desi American Heritage •Black/African American Heritage *Latinx/o/a/e/Hispanic American Heritage •LGBTQIA+ - For parents/guardians who identify as LGBTQIA+ and parents/guardians of students who identify as LGBTQIA+ •Neurodiversity - For parents/guardians of students with learning differences •Solo or Single Parents/Guardians •White, Antiracist Parents/Guardians If you have questions, please contact Meredith Spencer, Director of Equity and Inclusion at