Student Life

Greetings to all of our new and returning families as we welcome in another year here at Redwood Day School! It is my pleasure to direct the Student Life program at Redwood Day School. Student Life is dedicated to promoting our school’s mission of engaging, preparing, and inspiring “students to thrive academically, contribute to society, and lead healthy, meaningful lives” by supporting the social and emotional development of students and families within and beyond the classroom.

Beginning in kindergarten and continuing through to eighth grade, we foster citizenship and community in myriad ways. These programs include: middle school advisory, assemblies, buddies, experiential learning (field trips and outdoor education), character education, service learning, after-school and athletics, and equity and inclusion. These programs give students an opportunity to explore and express their diversity of experiences, perspectives, and approaches, ultimately allowing them to learn more about themselves and others.

Student Life also works closely with the Parents’ and Guardians’ Association’s designated Parent Education and Prism Committees, to support the adults in our community with parent education events. A variety of speakers and workshops help parents develop skills and understanding. We focus on three main pillars that represent our schools’ mission, which are: Social and Emotional Learning, Diversity, and Academics.

The Student Life Team includes myself, John Loeser, Head of School, Cheryl Ting, Assistant Head of School, Kelly Nelson and Jim Rendle, Division Directors, and Meredith Spencer, Director of Diversity, After-School and Athletics. This team meets regularly to discuss, plan, and implement programming to best support students and families.  Partnering with families and faculty, I am fortunate to work with such a dedicated group of individuals who truly believe in making sure that all students at Redwood Day School are known, supported, and able to develop into their very best selves

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Denise Breland
Director of Student Life