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The Middle School has several teaching assistants hired to support the in-person learning experience and socially-distanced classrooms. Currently, we have seven TA’s onboard who work side by side with their assigned teachers, advisors, and stable groups. 

Kenneth Alexander II
(He, Him, His)

Kenneth supports 8th Grade
Students can call him Mr. Alexander

Fun Fact:  Mr. Alexander played Professional basketball in Canada and the Philippines

Kelli Black

Students call them Kelli
Kelli supports 8th Grade
Fun fact: Kelli grew up in Arkansas with a pack (6) of mini dachshunds. :)

Omega Brooks (she/her)

Students call her Ms. Omega
Ms. Omega supports 7th Grade

Fun fact: Ms. Omega loves to sing, hike, and eat!

Luis Felipe Camacho-Lovell

Students call him Felipe
Felipe supports 6th Grade

Fun fact: Felipe once rode on the back of a friend's motorcycle for 1,200 miles through Argentina, 5 days after meeting her!

Nicole Datte (she/her)

Students call her Nicole.
Nicole supports 7th Grade

Fun fact:  Nicole has three pet dwarf-sized chickens!

Aleksandra Forman (she/her/hers)

Students call her Sandra.
Sandra supports 7th Grade

Fun fact: Sandra can speak three languages!

Jennifer Logan (she/her/ella)

Jennifer supports 6th Grade
Students call her Ms. Logan

Fun fact:  Ms. Logan loves to travel, dance, and cook!

Nouha Saeed (she/her/hers)

Supporting 7th grade
Students call her Nouha (pronounced noo-HA)

Fun fact: Nouha used to teach English as a Foreign Language in Istanbul

Emily Sheppard (she/her)

Students call her Emily.
Emily supports our 6th Grade students. 

Fun fact: Emily is an amateur woodworker and enjoys creating quirky furniture. You may have seen her at the Adventure Playground helping kids use tools to build cool creations.

Matrix Shimizu (he/him/his)

Matrix Supports 8th Grade
Students call him Matrix.

Fun fact:  Matrix has a playlist on Spotify with 2,000 followers

Jeremy Swann (also 6th Grade PE Teacher)

Students call him Mr. Swann.
Mr. Swann supports 6th Grade

Fun fact: Mr. Swann loves Real Madrid C.F.

Brian Wilson (he/him/his)

Brian supports 7th Grade
Students can call him Mr. Brian

Fun Fact:  Mr. Brian loves skateboarding on the weekends.