Dear Lower School Families,

We are so excited to start a new school year with you. Please enjoy these welcome letters from each lower school specialist teacher. Specialist teachers will share a deep dive into their curriculum at Back To School Night on September 8, from 6:00- 7:30 p.m. In addition, once a month, I will email you the lower school specialist newsletter, which will share curriculum highlights for their specific class.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions.


LS Specialist Welcome Letters

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  • Art

    Greetings, Redwood Day families! 
    My name is Aaron Bos-Wahl, and I’m excited for my second year as the Lower School Art Teacher! I’m from the upper midwest originally but have lived in St. Louis, Paris, New York, and Philadelphia most recently. 
    I’m looking forward to seeing familiar faces this year, getting to know our new students, and exploring the exciting world of art together. We will undertake a broad range of projects in various disciplines, learning from mentor artists from diverse backgrounds. The major showcase for our year of learning will be the Spring Art Show - I can’t wait! 
    Please feel free to email me any time at
    Mr. Aaron
  • DiBL

    Hello Families,
    Welcome to the Design, Build, Innovate Lab (DBi Lab)! We are excited to work with your students more this year! 
    A little about us, Beth and David. Beth is starting her 7th year at Redwood Day; she is the parent of two Redwood Day alums, Nick (class of 2014) and Clayton (class of 2019), and has a B.A. in Design from UCLA. Prior to falling in love with Redwood Day and teaching, Beth had a diverse career managing people and redesigning operational systems in healthcare administration and retail operations. A highlight of this was her time at Restoration Hardware, where she was the Director of Operations (employee 8!) during its initial growth and rapid expansion. Beth will teach grades 4-6 and the 8th-grade Advanced Topics section. Beth loves watching students discover, make new discoveries, and joyfully share them with others.
    David is coming to the DBi after consulting with schools all over the planet in the realms of “makerspaces” and equity-centered design thinking. Before this, David taught at Lick-Wilmerding High School, East Bay School for Boys, and the Stanford School. David was born in Pasadena, CA, and moved to Oakland in 1990 for college. David will be teaching grades K-3, 7th, and 8th. David loves designing irresistible design/build curricula to bring out the designer/maker in all humans.
    The focus of the DBi’s work across all grades this year is Relationships--relationships between people, between ideas, between materials, between form and function. Our approach to design and building is through relationships rather than technology because we believe building designers first in relationship with each other and their world will create healthier technologies and innovations for our future. We will definitely utilize technology to build future innovators, but it is not the driving force here.
    All class materials and resources will be found in the DBi Google Classroom. We will also be posting action shots of your students as we grow. The DBi Google Classroom is coming soon! Stay tuned
    We are excited to build with your child’s creativity and ingenuity!

    Let’s build together!

    Beth EntrekinDavid Clifford
  • Garden to Table

    Welcome to Garden to Table at Redwood Day!

    I can’t wait to welcome your students back to the garden and cooking classroom! This summer, I spent over a month eating my way through France, the UK, and Northern Ireland with my partner Rachel (a preschool teacher at Temple Sinai). This year, Garden to Table will be more integrated– we’ll spend time harvesting and preparing in the kitchen classroom and the garden during any given period. Lessons will be rooted in classroom curriculum with an emphasis on ecosystems and sustainability, cultural connections, and skill building. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns at

    I look forward to seeing all the students!

    Ms. Sara (Kay)

  • Library

    Welcome back to school, Redwood Day! The Library is thrilled to start the 2022-2023 school year with you. We have some great things planned for this year that will be exciting for the students and the community. 
    The Library is welcoming a new member to the team! Jenn O’Sullivan is the new K-8 Librarian; she is over the moon to meet the students and be part of the community. Kiana is back for their second year at Redwood Day. They are grateful to be back among the brilliant students, staff, and faculty. 
    This year, the Library will be open during most recesses to provide a space for games, reading, and other fun activities. The Lower School will enjoy a monthly recess party that will include craft and play activities. Middle School can look forward to book clubs, health classes, and author visits. And, as always, lower school students will be coming into the library to enjoy lessons that revolve around Literacy, problem-solving, and critical thinking.
  • Mandarin

    Dear Mandarin Families,

    你好nǐ hǎo! 欢迎huānyíng!
    A big warm hello and welcome to Mandarin class!!

    My name is Melody Chang, but the students can call me Melody Laoshi (Laoshi is Mandarin for teacher). I am originally from Taiwan. For over 25 years, I have taught Chinese Language and Linguistics in schools in Portland, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. This is my third year at Redwood Day. I love teaching Mandarin and can’t wait to work with your kids and learn Mandarin together!

    Please feel free to email me if you have any questions, concerns, or anything else you might want to talk to me about. Your partnership is tremendously important to me. It is my belief that acquiring another second language is a life-long journey that allows you to explore other cultures and make friends. I am excited, once again, to be part of your child’s journey. Thank you for sharing your loved ones with me! We will have a great year learning Mandarin together!

    Warm Regards,

    Melody Chang
  • Music

    Please visit THIS PADLET for Mr. Bradley's Welcome and to learn more about our wonderful Lower School Music Program.
  • Physical Education

    Greetings Families,

    It is my distinct pleasure to introduce the K-5 Physical Education program at Redwood Day School. My name is Jason, but the kids call me Coach Jason, Coach JJ, and/or Coach Burrito. Truth be told, the latter is not my favorite nickname but if you subscribe to the theory that “you are what you eat” it’s fairly fitting, so I’ve decided to embrace it. That said, just throwing it out there, Coach Avocado would be even more fitting. I eat a lot of avocados. How about Coach Fuji Apples? Delicious! Coach Cheddar Cheese?!

    OK, I digress. Point is, my name is Jason. I have a few amazing nicknames, and I love to eat burritos, avocados, fuji apples, and cheddar cheese. I also love being active and living a healthy lifestyle, and I’m among a fortunate group of humans that get paid to do what we love. But enough about me, let’s talk about the program.

    I have spent nearly two decades developing a PE program that is fun and engaging. The goal of this is not to develop superstar athletes (although this is listed as a possible side effect) but rather to help kids of all ages and abilities develop skills and healthy habits. The classes are designed to nurture a love of movement and provide a safe space for children to exercise their bodies and minds. The activities are designed to help them develop physical, social and emotional tools, and the lessons are designed to be super sticky. We begin each class with a dynamic warmup routine and end by saying "thanks for playing."

    In short, I'm extremely excited about our PE program and looking forward to another great year beneath the redwoods.



  • Science

    Dear Redwood Day School Families,
    Hello and welcome to the 2022-2023 school year! 
    My name is Stephen Suttle, and I am the Lower School science teacher! I am so excited to get started here at Redwood Day school. Before teaching elementary school science, I worked as a K-5 garden educator and as a naturalist in residential outdoor education. I originally grew up in Southern California in Orange County, but I have remained around the Bay Area after I studied biology and chemistry at Santa Clara University. I love hiking, birding, cooking, gardening, and walking my dog Ollie.
    This will be my first year teaching at Redwood Day School, and I am beyond excited to meet all the wonderful students, caregivers, and community members! Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions, concerns, or thoughts about the program at 
    I look forward to working with you to provide the best experience possible for all students that attend Redwood Day. Elementary school science is a journey full of curiosity and wonder, and I look forward to helping students make meaningful connections to the scientific world while building essential skills! It is going to be a great year together!

    (my dog, Ollie!)
  • Spanish

    ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español! Welcome to Spanish class!
    My name is Pica Lockwood, but the students call me Maestra Pica. This is my 24th year at Redwood Day. I am also a Redwood Day parent. My daughter, Kanani, is in the sixth grade. My personal journey of speaking Spanish began when I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Costa Rica 31 years ago. I have so much to be excited about this school year! I am especially looking forward to reconnecting with my students, implementing new activities and sharing in your child’s language acquisition journey. I believe that acquiring a second language is a lifelong journey that allows you to explore other cultures and make friends from all over the world. I am also excited about taking on a new role as a sixth-grade Spanish teacher this year. 
    In partnership, 
    Pica Lockwood
    Lower School Spanish Teacher
    (She, her, hers)
    Family photo from this summer!