Students use our Innovation and Design Studio to explore ideas or concepts that tie into their current areas of study. For example, students can ideate, design, and build as a way of extending their understanding of electricity and simple circuits. Similarly, they can build geometric structures using basic 2-D shapes from their math studies to explore the creation of 3-D shapes.

In grades 6-8, Innovation and Design is a required course that intersects with core academic subjects. The 6-8 curriculum includes a three-year cycle during which students learn and apply design thinking principles. They use these tools to design and fabricate solutions for social and physical problems. Content areas include thought processes, drafting by hand, computer Aided Design (CAD), computer programming, and the use of hand tools as well as digital fabrication tools such as 3-D printers and computer-driven cutters.


For more information, please contact Cameron Moredock, Director of Innovation & Design at 510.534.0804, ext. 248.