The Automated Wax Museum

Today, the 8th-grade presented the annual Automated Wax Museum to the Redwood Day community. The Automated Wax Museum is the culmination of a four-week long project that enables students to immerse themselves in a novel and bring a character to life through body language, costume, props, interaction with an audience, and most importantly, an original, memorized monologue. Over a few weeks, students examined a character in a novel that they read during the last year. Books from this class and independent reading choices were acceptable. Once students select a novel and character, they chose a defining moment for this character and generated a thirty to sixty-second monologue that reveals how this character confronts a particular problem or issue. 

Each performer had an "activation sign" next to them as a prompt for the audience to "activate" their character to speak/perform. Members of our parent/guardian community, as well as students, were all treated to incredible performances by our 8th-graders.

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