Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year!

Welcome, Redwood Day Parents and Guardians!

The start of the 2022-2023 school year is right around the corner, and the Parent Guardian Association (PGA) is excited to see familiar and new faces as we kick off the next academic year.

A key theme for the PGA this year will be connecting. We want new incoming families and families who joined during COVID restrictions to feel a part of our diverse and caring community; we want to re-engage and inspire long-standing RDS families and help forge new connections, and most importantly, we want to tap into the talent of our community to enhance the student and community experience at Redwood Day. 

PGA meetings are held about once a month. We will use all that the pandemic taught us and explore in-person and remote meetings to maximize participation. We hope to have the first meeting in person on September 21, 2022!

Our focus is on the shared purpose of supporting our students and the School through year-round hosted community-building activities, arrangement of speakers, and encouragement of volunteerism that enhances the educational curriculum.

As Redwood Day parents and guardians, you are members of our PGA. Meetings are open to all, and we appreciate those folks willing to step into committee and coordinating positions. If you’ve gotten hooked on a Netflix series during the pandemic, just remember the crew behind the scenes that helped bring you that joy. You can help write the script, play a leading role, scout the location, or simply bring the donuts. There is a place for everyone.

We all benefit and take notice when someone puts in the effort to bring a little of themselves to the collective. So, bring your creativity to the spring Auction, be engaged on the topic of student mental health and how to balance technology in young lives, show your heart as we celebrate our diverse community, and witness your children’s academic world by volunteering at the Book Fair or Art & Music Night, to name a few opportunities.

Let this school year be about seeing smiles, sharing laughs, and finding joy in connecting. We invite you to be bold and introduce yourself to families you don’t know. Most importantly, we look forward to seeing you at our first PGA meeting in September!

Elizabeth Van Benschoten and Irene Lee 
PGA Co-Presidents 2022-2023