2022-2023 PGA Board Officers

List of 12 items.

  • Irene Lee | Co-President

    Parent of Christian (7th grade) and Saskia (Class of 2021)

    Redwood Day Involvement: Vice President, Classroom volunteer, X-Country parent volunteer, and Fall Hike
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  • Elizabeth Van Benschoten | Co-President

    Parent of Aden Pemberton (6th grade)

    Redwood Day Involvement: Art Committee Co-Chair, Book Fair volunteer
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  • Ayanna Brown | Co-Vice President

    Parent of Michaela (6th grade), Jasmine (Class of 2018), and Briahn (Class of 2011)

    Redwood Day Involvement: Communications Secretary, Room Parent, Classroom Volunteer, Generations Day, Book Fair, Library Volunteer, Families of Color/African-American Families Reception Volunteer
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  • Homero Espinosa | Co-Vice President

    Parent of David (4th grade)

    Redwood Day Involvement: PRISM Co-Chair
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  • Karine Sully | Middle School Coordinator

    Parent of Olivia (Class of 2022) and Eliza (6th grade)

    Redwood Day Involvement: Chaperone and driver for field trips
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  • Betsy Jones | Lower School Coordinator

    Parent of Jack and Parker (3rd grade)

    Redwood Day Involvement: Room Parent, Faculty Appreciation Committee
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  • Henriette Ako-Asare | K-2 Representative

    Parent of a precocious 1st grader

    Redwood Day Involvement: Room Parent, Co-Chair of the Diversity in Action Committee, BIPOC, and Black Heritage Affinity Group Organizer 
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  • Teresa Surichamorn | 3-5 Representative

    Parent of Owen (5th grade) and Cara (2nd grade)

    Redwood Day Involvement: 3-5 Representative, Classroom Volunteer, Fall Festival, Generations Day, Book Fair
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  • Zach Larson | Middle School Representative

    Parent of Ramsey (7th grade)

    Redwood Day Involvement: Lower School Coordinator, Room parent, Fall Festival
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  • Matt Webster | Financial Coordinator

    Parent of Sally (2nd grade) and Caroline (Kindergarten)

    Redwood Day Involvement: PGA Board
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  • Hena Borneo | Co-President Emeritus

    Parent of Teia Swartzberg (7th grade) and Maya Swartzberg (Class of 2021)

    Redwood Day Involvement: Co-President, Co-Vice President, Library and classroom volunteer, Health Advisory Council, Generations Day Committee
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  • Dalbir Singh | Co-President Emeritus

    Parent of Jeevan (5th grade) and Sevak (3rd grade)

    Redwood Day Involvement: Co-President, Co-Vice President, Auction, Fall Festival Committee
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