Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year!

Hello, Redwood Day Parents and Guardians,
We are excited to welcome you all to this new school year. As a school community, we have learned so much over the past year and a half. We’ve drawn on the immense depth and breadth of the collective wisdom and knowledge of our community. This community power has allowed us to structure, restructure, to plan and pivot, to remain flexible, to grow, and to stay resilient. Through it all, we are so grateful to see that our children have learned and grown thanks to the boundless energy, dedication, and strength of our school leadership, faculty, and staff. 
This time has shed light on the strength and importance of our community. As the saying goes, “many hands make light work.” We see the force for good that can come from collaboration and teamwork and it is in this spirit that this year we have decided to share this role as your first-ever PGA Co-Presidents. Between the two of us, we have experienced through a parent lens every grade at Redwood Day at least once. We hope the experience we each bring to our role will add to the collaborative community within the PGA. 
Your PGA is here to build our community and support our students and their families. We do this through events, activities, fundraising, and volunteer efforts that stay true to our mission to support learning, diversity, equity, and inclusion. This year, we have also grown our mission to support our larger community by partnering with fellow schools in OUSD to support Oakland students and families. We are excited to announce that, through the generous spirit of our community and the hard work of our PGA community service team, we more than doubled our fundraising goal to support our neighboring public school’s supply drive.
Each Redwood Day parent and guardian is a valued member of the PGA. As your PGA leaders, we welcome your involvement and encourage you to share your time and to be of service to our community. There are many ways, large and small, to become involved and we encourage you to reach out to us directly or through your room parents to find ways to do so. Also, please consider joining us for the first PGA meeting of the year on October 28th at 7:00 p.m.!
We don’t know what challenges lie before us this year, though the wisdom of the past year would tell us there will be many obstacles ahead and the work will be lighter if we face it together. We look forward to collaborating with all of you to continue to build this safe, supportive and vibrant community. We’re honored to serve as your co-presidents and are excited for a great year ahead.
Hena Borneo & Dalbir Singh
PGA Co-Presidents, 2021- 2022