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2020-2021 PGA Board Officers

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  • Megan Larson | PGA President

    Redwood Day Parent
    BA in Political Science, University of Notre Dame; JD, University of Oregon School of Law

    Redwood Day Involvement: Book Fair co-chair, room parent, Library committee.
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  • Hena Borneo | Co-Vice President

    Parent of Maya Swartzberg (8th grade) and Teia Swartzberg (5th grade)

    Redwood Day Involvement: Generations Day Co-chair, classroom volunteer, library volunteer
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  • Dalbir Singh | Co-Vice President

    Parent of Jeevan (3rd Grade) and Sevak (1st Grade)

    Redwood Day involvement: Fall Festival Committee
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  • Ayanna Brown | Communications Secretary

    Parent of Michaela (3rd grade), Jasmine (Class of 2018), and Briahn (Class of 2011)
    Professional Experience: Healthcare Revenue Cycle Professional/Electronic Medical Record Trainer

    Redwood Day Involvement: Room Parent, Classroom Volunteer, Generations Day, Book Fair, Library Volunteer, Families of Color/African-American Families Reception Volunteer
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  • Karine Sully | Middle School Coordinator

    Parent of Olivia Sully 7th grade and Eliza Sully 4th grade
    Professional Experience: Engineering Manager

    Redwood Day involvement: chaperone and driver for field trips.

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  • Zach Larson | Lower School Coordinator

    Parent of Ramsey (4th grade)
    Professional Experience: Product Manager and giant nerd who likes games and computers. He has been one of those for 20 years and the other forever.

    Redwood Day Involvement: Room parent, Fall Festival
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  • Amy Hanlon | K-2 Representative

    Parent of Jackson (Kindergarten) and Eleni (5th grade)
    Professional Experience: Management, Business Development

    Redwood Day Involvement: Generations Day and Fall Festival
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  • Teresa Surichamorn | 3-5 Representative

    Parent of Cara (Kindergarten) and Owen (3rd Grade)
    Professional Experience: Marketing and Data Analytics at The Clorox Company

    Redwood Day Involvement: Classroom Volunteer, Fall Festival, Generations Day, Book Fair
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  • Lennie Green | Middle School Representative

    Parent of: Sam (6th Grade) and Olivia (7th Grade)
    Professional Experience: Cal Student Housing Facility Manager

    Redwood Day Involvement: Fall Festival, Classroom Volunteer
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  • Ashley de Ramus | Financial Coordinator

    Parent of: Madison (2nd Grade)
    Professional Experience: Benefit Analyst, Artist

    Redwood Day Involvement: Classroom Volunteer, Fall Festival, Fun Run, Generations Day
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  • Joanne Cain | President Emeritus

    Redwood Day Parent
    Surgical Scrub Nurse, United States Army & AOS Culinary Arts, Le Cordon Bleu
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