2018-2019 PGA Board Officers

List of 13 items.

  • Patricia Stephens | President

    Parent of Dominic (3rd grade) and Gabriel (1st grade)
    Professional Experience: Graphic Designer

    Redwood Day Involvement: VP of PGA, Co-Chair Art Committee, Room Parent, Classroom Volunteer, Auction Party Committee
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  • Joanne Cain | Vice President

    Parent of Siena (2nd grade), Sisley (4th grade), and Kenzie (6th grade)
    Professional Experience: U.S. Army Reserves Veteran, Surgical Scrub Nurse, Chef, Director of Skyline Lacrosse Club

    Redwood Day Involvement: Room Parent, Classroom Volunteer, Auction Committee, Admissions
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  • Allan Ng | Communications Secretary

    Parent of Sophia (1st grade)
    Professional Experience: Marketing Executive

    Redwood Day Involvement: Room Parent, Nominations Committee, campout organizer, classroom volunteer
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  • Mikal Condon | Recording Secretary

    Parent of Liam (3rd grade) and Henry (1st grade)
    Professional Experience: Attorney

    Redwood Day involvement: Classroom volunteer, Auction Hosted Events team

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  • Patricia Yusuf | Middle School Coordinator

    Parent of Medina (6th grade) and Ramon (Class of 2018)
    Professional Experience: Commercial Real Estate Market Research, IT Sales and Marketing

    Redwood Day involvement: Room Parent, PGA Nominations Committee, Book Fair Volunteer, Generations Day Volunteer
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  • Kelly Morrison | Lower School Coordinator

    Parent of Forest (5th grade)
    Professional Experience: Product Development, most recently at Common Sense Media

    Redwood Day Involvement: Room parent, Parent Education chair
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  • Jordan Karp | President Emeritus

    Parent of Brennan (5th grade) and Everett (2nd grade)
    Professional Experience: Urban Planner

    Redwood Day involvement: Room parent, Co-chair Fun Run, Nominations Committee, classroom volunteer, PGA President, Board of Trustees member
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  • Diana Macadam | K-1 Representative

    Parent of Caroline (3rd grade) and Luka (1st grade)
    Professional Experience: Financial Services and Executive Search, currently a stay-at-home mom

    Redwood Day Involvement: Faculty Appreciation Committee, Library Committee, Auction Committee, and Classroom Volunteer
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  • Unique Laylor | 2-3 Representative

    Parent of Iyan (2nd grade)
    Professional Experience: Nurse Anesthetist

    Redwood Day involvement: Book Fair, Fall Festival, Generations Day, Admissions Open House, Classroom Volunteer, Pizza Friday, Room Parent
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  • Peter Marietta | 4-5 Representative

    Parent of Jude (4th grade) and Archer (1st grade)
    Professional Experience: Facility Management

    Redwood Day involvement: Co-Chair of Fall Festival
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  • Thomas Tan | Middle School Representative

    Parent of: Michael (8th Grade)
    Professional experience: Marketing

    Redwood Day Involvement: Classroom volunteer
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  • Camille Danzi | Middle School Representative

    Parent of: Luca (7th Grade)
    Professional Experience: Air Traffic Controller

    Redwood Day Involvement: Room parent, Generations Day, Book Fair, Auction volunteer
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  • Lee Kaplan | Financial Coordinator

    Parent of: Liam (2nd) and Caleb (8th)
    Professional Experience: Marketing, Advertising, Commercial Real-Estate and College & Career Advising

    Redwood Day Involvement: Auction Co-chair, Parent Education Co-chair, Room parent, volunteer for Generations Day and Fall Festival
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