Important Dates and Deadlines

  • Round 1:  Consideration will begin June 1, 2020; all applications due by June 1
  • Round 2:  Consideration will begin July 1, 2020; all applications due by July 1
  • Round 3:  Consideration will begin August 1, 2020; all applications due by August 1
  • Round 4: Consideration will begin September 1, 2020; all applications due by September 1
  • Round 5: Consideration will begin October 1, 2020; all applications due by October 1

Key Terms

Emergency COVID-19 Tuition Assistance: Emergency tuition aid for the 2020-21 academic year was approved by Redwood Day’s Board of Trustees to assist families who have been significantly impacted by COVID-19, and have had a change in their financial circumstances due to the pandemic.

Parent Financial Statement (PFS): The online application form where families detail and disclose financial resources including, but not limited to, income, assets, debt, etc.

School & Student Services (SSS): The third-party online service that securely collects, verifies, and analyzes financial and tax documents to calculate how much a family can contribute toward the cost of tuition.

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