Teaching Assistant Program

The mission of the Redwood Day Teaching Assistant program is to create a collaborative teaching relationship where both the Mentor and Assistant encourage each other to reflect upon their teaching, create a learning environment that inspires all members and promotes the development of best teaching practices, which will result in a deeper learning experience for our students.
We employ eight teaching assistants (one per K-3 classroom) to work full-time with a mentor teacher and a dedicated and diverse group of faculty and students. We are currently accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year.

Teaching Assistants
 are essential to the growth of our students and learning environment here at Redwood Day. We hire college graduates who are interested in developing themselves as teachers that engage, prepare and inspire students of all ages. Many teaching assistants are in the process of applying to teaching credentialing programs or are currently enrolled in a teaching credentialing program while working at Redwood Day. Some teaching assistants are also newly credentialed teachers; however, this is not a requirement. 

Teaching Aassistants work closely with the Teaching Assistant Coordinators and their mentor teacher to learn about classroom management strategies, curriculum design, project-based instruction, learning differences, report writing, differentiated instruction, handling parent/guardian communication, etc. Teaching Assistants also assist with clerical duties (copying, set up, clean up, bulletin boards, etc.). We expect teaching assistants to participate in recess and lunch duties, parent/guardian-teacher-student conferences, and a few evening events, such as Back-to-School Night, Winter Concert, and Science Fairs. Teaching Assistants help out with several weeks of after-school study hall (3:30-4:30 p.m.) during the year, attend weekly Teaching Assistant meetings (during the school day) and Wednesday faculty meetings in the afternoon (3:45-5 p.m.), and participate in school-sponsored professional development days. Teaching Assistants substitute for their mentor teachers, and occasionally other lower school faculty, when they are temporarily absent for illness or other reasons.

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We are so grateful for our partnership with Redwood Day. Their teaching assistant program gives BATTI teachers an opportunity to hone their skills under the guidance of seasoned mentors. The mentors go above and beyond to provide feedback and support so our emerging teachers have the tools they need to thrive. And their program coordinators organize useful frequent meetings that allow teaching assistants to check in with each other, and also to learn from experienced teachers on topics such as organizing a fruitful parent-teacher conference. Thank you, Redwood Day for giving BATTI teachers such a strong foundation for their practice! - Bob and Raleigh

Teacher Assistant Quotes

I go to class at night and learn from expert educators. Then I come in the next morning and can talk with my Mentor Teacher about what I’ve just learned. We often try new things out in our classroom.
- Trevor Probert (2017-2019)

I couldn’t have asked for a better assistantship than here at Redwood Day. The community, the teachers, and all of the administrators make it a fun, loving, welcoming community. The support you receive here is unlike any other place. The teaching Assistant program offers you the guidance and support that make you feel confident in your abilities when you are ready to go out and teach on your own. It is one of the best teaching communities that I’ve ever had the pleasure of being apart of, and I will hold a special place in my heart for Redwood Day forever. - Natalie Bensky (2015-2016)

I really appreciate that Redwood Day is supportive and understanding of all of my grad school requirements. The TA program also provides additional training, time to collaborate with other TAs, and time to observe other classrooms/teachers, which I love! I found it extremely helpful to have 2nd-year BATTI students that I was able to go to for questions regarding both my TA position and BATTI. I am confident that my experience at Redwood Day will prepare me to lead my own classroom once I am done with grad school. - Luu Phan (2018-present)

Redwood Day's approach to pairing Teaching Assistants with Mentor Teachers was incredibly thorough and thoughtful. Prospective BATTI residents are given the opportunity to visit classrooms to observe Mentor Teachers' teaching styles and see a small sample of the curriculum for each grade. Afterward, residents have the chance to partake in a brief check in with each teacher to ask any questions, get a better sense of everyone's personalities, and teaching pedagogies before submitting Mentor Teacher preferences. As a BATTI resident, this opportunity to have input into the pairing process is invaluable. - Sean Delizo (2017-2019)