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School Guidelines

Employee / Student Boundaries Policy
Assembly Bill 500 (AB500), effective January 1, 2018, adds section 44050 of the California Education Code, which requires schools to provide the section on employee interactions with pupils in its code of conduct, to parents and guardians of enrolled students on the School’s website. The following document shares portions of the School policies, which are included in the School’s Employee Handbook, including language relating to interactions between pupils and employees.

Parking and Traffic Requirements
At Redwood Day, we want our families to feel welcome to walk their children onto campus in the mornings and also feel confident if they prefer to drop their children off in front of school. We respect our neighbors by making sure they have parking spaces in front of their homes and that traffic on our street is safe for all. To achieve all this, we expect that families, visitors, and faculty/staff read and agree to the traffic and parking rules outlined below.


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  • Parking On Campus

    The back half of the parking lot behind the school is reserved for faculty and staff all day, while the front half of the lot is open "first come, first serve" for families and school employees. The parking lot in the front of the school is also reserved throughout the day for faculty and staff only.
  • Drop-Off & Pick-Up Rules

    • Please pull all the way to the end of the white zone along the curb in front of school before letting your child(ren) exit.
    • Do not exit your car to let a child out, and please do not let children exit on the traffic side of your vehicle. We have staff who can assist you in getting your child safely out of the car and to the curb.
    • At pick-up, please be sure to arrive AFTER your child is dismissed (if picking up sibs, after the oldest child is dismissed). 
    • If you are picking up a middle schooler, please do not arrive before 3:35 p.m.
  • Neighborhood Parking

    Please remember that there are several parking restrictions on streets surrounding Redwood Day. We work hard to maintain good relations with our neighbors, and ask for your cooperation in this effort. 
    • There is no parking on the following streets: Sausal (the small street just after the freeway overpass), Morrison (the street that intersects Sheffield at the stop sign), or on the opposite side of Sheffield.
    • Please DO NOT park across from Redwood Day and walk your child across the street.
    • If you park on Sheffield Ave. to walk your child(ren) into school, please park on our side of Sheffield only. This expectation extends all the way down Sheffield to E. 29th Street. This is part of our agreement with our neighbors and the City of Oakland. 
    • Please observe the STOP sign just after Redwood Day on Sheffield Ave. when you make a U-turn to head back out toward MacArthur. It is important because:
      • It’s the law!
      • It’s a major safety concern
      • We want to teach our students to be good drivers when they grow up
  • Sheffield Avenue Neighborhood Parking Agreement

    In partnership with our Sheffield Avenue neighbors, Redwood Day works diligently to preserve a positive relationship and remain mindful about parking and the number of vehicles we bring into the neighborhood. Redwood Day has a long-standing parking agreement with our Sheffield Avenue neighbors, which is as follows:
    • We agree to never park on Sausal Street
    • We agree to never park on the opposite side (to Redwood Day) of Sheffield Avenue
    • For major events, faculty/staff are encouraged to park off-site to create additional spaces in our lot
    • For major events, we highly encourage families to park off-campus on MacArthur Boulevard
    Please consider carpooling whenever possible to help alleviate traffic on Sheffield, address limited parking for major events, and help us comply with our neighborhood agreements.
  • Does Redwood Day Have a Carpool/Rideshare Service?

    Redwood Day is pleased to introduce the Zūm carpool service for Redwood Day families. Zūm is an App-based, door-to-door service with drivers trained to ensure your children arrive at their destination safely and follow any parent-provided instructions for hand-off. Go HERE for more information.
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