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About Us


Central to Redwood Day is the mission of promoting, exploring, and learning from a diverse and inclusive community. Diversity is considered quantitatively and qualitatively at Redwood Day. This is accomplished at the classroom level, through professional development, in admission and hiring practices, and through the Parent and Guardian Association.

  • 55% of students self-identify as students of color.
  • Every student and every faculty, staff, and administrator participate in equity and inclusion groups that explore affinity, diversity, and inclusion within our community.
  • Our Diversity Strategic Plan charts our course for deepening our diversity work even further.
  • Redwood Day maintains membership with POCIS (People of Color in Independent Schools) Northern California Chapter and the National SEED Project (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity). Faculty and staff partipate in an active SEED group on campus.
  • Members of our faculty and staff regularly participate in the NAIS POCC (People of Color Conference) and the NAIS Summer Diversity Institute.
  • Teacher in-services regularly include workshops and learning around topics of diversity and inclusion.

2017-2022 Diversity Strategic Plan

Our mission statement captures the importance of diversity at  Redwood Day in three words: “diverse, inclusive community.” We want our community members to develop the habit of trying on others’ worldview, whether in a discussion of US history or during a playground interaction. The result of these interactions is a respect for and an appreciation of difference of all kinds.

In Lower School, teachers regularly feature discussions of family histories and family composition, as well as celebrating a diverse range of traditions. Day-to-day learning always includes a multicultural perspective. Our Middle School humanities program was developed with an eye to exposure to a variety of world cultures, religions, perspectives, and the nuanced relationship between the powerful and the powerless throughout history. We also provide a balance of diverse role models through guest speakers and featured presenters  at weekly all-school assemblies. We are fortunate to have an active parent and guardian diversity committee, Prism, that works to enhance diverse perspectives and understanding within the Redwood Day community.

Our admissions process seeks to enroll a student body that represents our larger community in many ways: racially, ethnically, economically, religiously, family composition, in addition to a range of abilities, talents, temperaments, and interests. As adults, we strive to be role models who represent a wide range of ethnic diversity, backgrounds, sexual orientations, and gender balance. 
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